ARCADA Group is a leading Kazakhstan-based Real Estate Development Company specializing in investment, construction and commercial property management.


ARCADA Group is a leading Real Estate Development Company operating in Kazakhstan since 1999 and specializing in investment, construction and commercial property management. With extensive experience and knowledge, the Company efficiently implements projects at all investment cycle stages, from pre-project engineering to construction, commissioning and professional property management.

The total area of completed projects is more than 300 000 sq. meters.

The priority of ARCADA Group is effective commercial real estate projects realization: 

• projects' concepts development; 
• business planning, financial economical business modeling; 
• world-class standard design and engineering; 
• professional advancement and positioning, brokerage, efficient management of commercial real estate.

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Our employees are the greatest assets of the Company, further growth and development of which are not possible without their good knowledge and experience.

Alexey Nefedov, Chief Executive Director of ARCADA Group

Our Company has high-professional specialists, with extensive experience in commercial real estate, who value modern standards of business conduct.

The main goal is further professional team formation, targeted on high results achievements.

ARCADA undertakes to ensure comfortable work environment and high stability to our employees.

Being a member of “ARCADA” team, you get:
  • Competitive salary and well-balanced motivation programmer
  • Training and skills development
  • Career and professional grows
Social Package:
  • Meals
  • Sport
  • Additional payment to the leave
  • Medical Insurance
  • Mobile
  • Car petrol
  • Company loans

Welcome to the section JOB OPPORTUNITIES of ARCADA corporate website!  

A list of current vacancies can be found here.

If you want to work in ARCADA Group, but found no suitable vacancy, please send a detailed CV to indicating professional area and position you are interested in, and we will consider it. 

Please contact us and we will be pleased to consider your opportunities in our company.

Oksana Karmalyga
Director of HR Department
«If you want to be the best among the best, you have to give the best result»
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Mikhail Shashkov
Chief Development Officer of ARCADA Group
«I think the things to help me in career development are insistence, stress resistance, consistency and the desire to improve myself and strive for knowledge.»
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Samgat Karin
Director of Alpina INVEST
«Strive for the heights, practice self-education, be steadfast»
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Victor Polezhayev
Deputy Director for Hotel Operation, Cosmonaut hotel
«I have such a character trait: I try to be the best in all my endeavors»
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Serik Aubakirov
Director of Kostanay managing company
«I am quite sure that my success in the Company is due to a desire to learn, not to my prior knowledge and experience.»
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Yuliya Kim
Deputy Director, Cosmonaut hotel
«For me, work for work's sake is not acceptable!»
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"Mart Village" Farmer`s mall, Almaty city
Mart Village center is a modern retail village-type farmer`s mall
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"Asia Park", Astana city
Modern shopping and entertainment center Asia Park is located in the largest avenue of Astana.
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Mall “Asia Park”, Almaty city
Shopping mall "Asia Park" Almaty is a modern shopping and entertainment center of class "A"
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Altyn Arba Farmer`s Mall, Karaganda city
Modern indoor shopping center build on the place of historically formed central market of Karaganda.
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"MART", Almaty city
MART SEC is the only modern full-format shopping and entertainment center in the northern part of the city of Almaty.
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"MART", Kostanay city
The only and most popular multifunctional shopping center of Kostanay and Kostanay region
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TSUM, Kostanay city
Shopping center is an integral historical area and architectural landmark of Kostanay city.
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TSUM, Karaganda city
One of the most successful and dynamically developing shopping centers of the city of Karaganda
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COSMONAUT hotel compex, Karaganda
COSMONAUT is the best hotel of Karaganda city located in the park area
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City Kostanai Business Center, Kostanay
Unique project straddling innovation, functionality and top-quality construction
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Kazakhstan Business Center, Karaganda
Kazakhstan BC is located in the city center on the first line of the central highway.
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Arcada Industry Company
Manufactures and supplies crushed stone of Vishnevsky granite deposit located in Arshaly District
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MegaTel telecommunication company
Telecom operator specializing in a wide range of telecommunication and related info services.
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Asia Park Mall (construction of the second line)
Asia Park Shopping and Entertainment center is built in the heart of Astana.
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Restaurant "Navat" opened in the shopping center "Asia Park"
Restaurant "Navat" opened in the shopping center "Asia Park"
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Holiday Nauryz in the shopping center Asia Park, Astana.
On March 22 and 23, "Nauryz" holiday was held in "Asia Park"shopping center in Astana.
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Maslenitsa in TFTs "Altyn Arba"
The trade and farmer center "Altyn Arba" carried amicably out Maslenitsa.
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Miniso store opening in the Asia Park shopping center.
On February 3, Asia Park shopping center opened a new store of the Japanese network "Miniso".
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Car draw from Eureka
On January 28 in TFTs "Altyn Arba" the draw from shop of Eureka electronics has taken place.
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Fashion show from Hayra brand in ZUMA.
January 27 at the restaurant ZUMA held a show from the brand HAYRA.
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Astana, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan
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HR Department: +7 (7172) 978 600, extension 6153

Rental Department: +7 (7172) 978 600, extension 6178

Media Relations Department: +7 (7172) 978 600, extension 6450

24, Bukhar Zhyrau ave.
Karaganda, 100000, Republic of Kazakhstan
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